How to bounce back after failure

Failure is inevitable in life, especially in business and career. However, there are some ways to overcome these occurrences and use them to your advantage.

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For some, it may be hard to believe that the most highly successful people are actually the ones who have failed the most. We’ve already learned about these people and their companies once they have made it big. We admire their success yet rarely witness the immense struggle they went through to get there. Since we are usually not exposed to their failures, we are sadly only left to compare ourselves to their achievements.

This in turn can make us believe that our failures are for losers who have no hope to succeed. This makes difficult for us to validate the mistakes we make and problems we experience. Often, we second-guess ourselves and question our abilities. We do not realise that adversity is required in order to succeed.

This way of thinking have affected people from all over the world; thinking that failure is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. This is why they are so much afraid of failing. Even as a kid, you have been taught that being wrong and making mistakes are bad. Your mind uses painful memories of the past to provoke negative emotions like fear and anxiety to stop us from making those same errors today.

But the truth is, even the most talented and gifted people fail. Setbacks and failures are inevitable in life and no one is vulnerable. Meanwhile, we’re also never teaching ourselves how to manage it effectively when we experience it, if we live so carefully to avoid failure. So when faced with adversity, it often overwhelms us and causes us to give up.

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